Interiors Designed by Lisa: Interior Design Studio

Interiors Designed by Lisa is a full-service interior design studio with a specialty in kitchen and bath design. Lisa has been assisting clients create tasteful and functional interiors for over 30 years. The scope of services range from spacial arranegment with emphasis on kitchen and bath design. Lisa not only assists with the selection of all interior materials and finishes, she supplies all of the products with the exception of paint.

Having direct accounts with many well-known companies enables great pricing that is passed along to the client and eliminates design service fees. Whether you are doing a room, an entire home, or a business, the selections of cabinetry, countertops, flooring, paint as well as furnishings and accessories can all be selected in one place. Lisa also does custom window treatments including all types of blinds and shutters. Any space can become more personalized by the placement of the perfect accessories and wall decor that Lisa can also finish for you.